Thomas Edison Charter School

Multiple Locations, Logan, Utah

Thomas Edison Charter School is a free public charter school. Our mission is to provide all students the fundamental knowledge, tools, and discipline. Thomas Edison Charter School has provided a superior, tuition free public education to thousands of Cache Valley elementary and middle school students for over a decade. We have two locations—Edison North and Edison South.

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Intech Collegiate High School

1787 N Research Park Way, North Logan, UT

InTech Collegiate Academy is a STEM-focused, early college, public charter school serving students in grades 7-12 from the Cache Valley area. InTech's Mission: Expand the base of talent entering college and STEM careers by providing: 1) STEM-focused curriculum/programs, 2) Early-College programs, 3) Outreach to groups traditionally under-represented in STEM and/or college.

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